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Robert Bosco “A Painters Yoga Journey” Associate Professor of Painting at Creighton University

A series of 48 paintings was eight years in the making. Each piece of artwork focuses on a different yoga posture. Collectively they are becoming part of a book on Classical Yoga entitled “Yoga; The Discipline”. This forthcoming book is authored by Margaret Hahn, the originator of the Omaha Yoga School in the Old Market of Omaha, Nebraska.

Besides being an artist and a teacher, Bob Bosco is a yoga practitioner. This sequence of paintings is a deep exploration of the yoga experience. Bosco’s loyalty to this project has merged the science and preciousness of classical yoga with his personal sense of aesthetics. The invisible energies of the yogi flourish and are made visible.

All proceeds from the various publications and prints raised from this exhibit are committed to World Refugees.