Current Exhibition

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7th Annual Juried Exhibition

"The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society’s largest show of the year. The 2018 event was judged by Stephen Cornelius Roberts
The groups mission: "To unify Impressionism throughout the Missouri River Valley Region (9-States are included) by connecting artists who are consistent in their pursuit of the rural, urban, and historic beauty of our unique geography, while embracing the various approaches unique to each artist in this representation of beauty and truth."

Ending in March


Gallery 1516 Sixty-Five Plus Exhibition

Jan 20 – March 25 2018

Sixty-Five plus pieces from 65+ Artists

The show is dedicated to our friend and fellow artist Dan Boylan who passed away in 2017.

Artists included are;

Duane Adams, Dan Boylan, Les Bruning, John Dennison, Patrick Drickey, Catherine Ferguson, Linda Garcia, Judy Greff, Hal Holoun, Marilyn Evlo Hanson, Jack Hetterich, Tom Kerr, Pat Lontor, Renee Mehrer, John C. Miller, Susan McGilvrey, Deborah Murphy, Dick O’Toole, Ann Pape, Herm Rauth, Al Rhea, Stephen Cornelius Roberts, Carmel Simmons, Cindy Simon, Jane Tan Creti, Dorothy Tuma, Peter Walkley, Dennis Wattier, Robert Willits and Peter Wroblewski. 

Pat Lontor and John Miller who curated this exhibition had this to say:

“It has been an honor for us, as curators, to be able to recognize the artists in this show. They have shown through persistence, experience, tenacity and their love of what they are creating that they indeed are a viable part of the artist community.”

Many of these artists were on hand when Bill & Sandy Mathews opened the Gallery in the Market next door to M’s Pub, some were founding members of the Artists Co-op when it opened above the Pub, others held exhibits on the mezzanine of the Antiquarian Bookstore…they were producing artwork before there was Nebraska Arts Council, before there was a Museum in Kearney dedicated to Nebraska Art…Their work can be found in private and public collections locally, nationally and internationally. They became teachers, and professors of fine art, professionals; they survived through trial, error, criticism, and rejection with one thing in common, they have a passion to create art. 

We regret that Dan Boylan, Milton Wolsky, Kent Bellows, J Laurie Wallace, Leonard Theissen, Robert Gilder, Joan Frost, Augustus Dunbier and Wm Henry Jackson will not be in attendance for the opening…they would have enjoyed it.