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Summer Stock

Nebraska artists Brian Wetjen, Angie Seykora, Bridget O’Donnell, David Patterson and guest artist Mike Nesbit, Mr. Nesbit is an artist/architect and hails from Los Angeles CA. He is the AIA guest speaker scheduled to speak here on August 17th.   Each artist brings a personal application to their art that works strongly on their own, but also works together within the space. 

Brian Wetjen’s watercolor and charcoal works emulate a sense of calm and are heavily influenced from nature. His works titled Mumuration 1-16 are inspired by the mesmerizing phenomenon of a flock of Starlings as they create formations in the sky as a method of confusing predators.   

Angie Sekyora’s sculptural works are created from found materials, vinyl, electrical tape, and polyester, and are formed through timely acts of repetition such as layering, wraping, knotting, and pattern making. 

Bridget O’Donnell’s work focuses on texture, mark making, and repetition by way of drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. She describes her work as constructed, abstracted maps of places, emotions, memories, experience, and the unknown. 

David Patterson’s acrylic paintings are hallmarked by their vivid color and texture, the impasto of paint application allows for additional interest in different angles of viewing the works.