Backup of 2017 Nebraska Artist Biennial

GALLERY 1516 is now accepting entries for the 2017 NEBRASKA ARTIST BIENNIAL


The winner of each category will be awarded an unrestricted cash prize and a selection of his or her works will be shown at GALLERY 1516 in the fall of 2017 along with 50 additional artist entries selected by a 3-panel jury. 

Beginning this year, Gallery 1516 will honor visual artists working in Nebraska to receive unrestricted cash awards as follows:

  • Best of Show Richard D. Holland Award - $5,000
  • Drawing/Printmaking Kent Bellows Award - $1,000
  • Painting Milton Wolsky Award - $1,000
  • Photography Wm Henry Jackson Award - $1,000
  • Student Artist J Laurie Wallace Award - $1,000
  • Artist Choice - $500
  • People's Choice - $500

Selection Process and Gallery 1516 Exhibition

The artwork for the exhibition will be reviewed anonymously and will be included in the Nebraska Artist Biennial exhibition at Gallery 1516 opening November 3 thru December 30, 2017.

Artists are encouraged to submit their most recent body of work, although this is not a requirement (everyone has a piece that stands the test of time and will be eligible).

Administered by GALLERY 1516, this biennial juried award/exhibition honors NEBRASKA artists for their original, exceptional, and compelling work.


Drawing/Printmaking, Painting, Photography, & Student Artist Awards
Requirements:  Each artist may enter a maximum of 3 pieces.
A category must be identified for each piece entered.

Entry Fee

$35 per artist

Entry fee covers up to 3 works; works can cross into different categories. 

This one-time fee includes a one year individual membership to Gallery 1516, and helps cover the costs associated with the Biennial; awards and promotion of Nebraska arts.

Who is eligible for awards?

The awards are open to Nebraska 2-D visual artists working in Drawing, Painting or Photography.

Artists of diverse backgrounds and ages are encouraged to apply… (sorry, no 3D work category this year due to display limitations, we hope to have this resolved for the 2019 Biennial)

See Application information and requirements below.

How To Apply

All entries must be submitted on-line. 

  • Please upload a resume, artist statement, and up to three images with your on-line application. When uploading your images, you will be asked to include the title, date, medium, and dimensions of each work. 
  • Please also include a brief description about the image.

Entries sent by standard mail will not be accepted

For application and instructions on how to download images and more information about the awards or the selection process, please visit


All applications must be completed and submitted on-line by MIDNIGHT CST on September 1, 2017.

Additional Information

  • Artwork must be available for display from November 1 thru December 31, 2017.
  • Artists are responsible for delivery and pick-up of artwork selected for the exhibition.
  • This will be a selling exhibition. All proceeds from sales will be paid directly to you or your representative. Gallery 1516 is a non-profit with 501c3 status and does not require any commission fees.

Gallery 1516 is committed to the values of creativity, excellence, engagement, diversity, accessibility, and stewardship. 


Legal Agreement

The artist submitting this application (“Applicant”) certifies that the information contained in the application, including all support documents and attachments, is true and correct. Applicant further certifies that the submitted works are the original work of the Applicant and do not infringe upon the copyright, trademark, personal property, privacy or publicity rights of others, or violate any other law, rule, or regulation. Gallery 1516 and the Award Committee Members are not responsible for any damage, loss, or liability related to or arising from the materials submitted, and are not required to return materials submitted to Applicant. Gallery 1516 reserves the right to withhold any prize if Applicant fails to comply with these terms.

If you are chosen as the winner of an award, please note that Gallery 1516 will retain the exclusive right to purchase your works during the term of Exhibition, subject to the terms of the corresponding Exhibition Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact